Serverless web hosting you can afford

These days even your grandma and your dog have a podcast, so what are you waiting for? My intent is to give our nascent podcast a proper RSS feed in order to be consumable by podcast aggregators like iTunes. Patreon is great, but it does not give you an RSS feed you can submit to iTunes. The RSS feed is per-patron, and their terms and conditions prevent sharing the RSS feed of patron-only feed with the rest of the world. [Read More]

Use a virtualized browser

Here’s the situation: you’ve got a nice hardened dns resolver setup which prevents dns resolution of unsavory server addresses. But what happens when you really, really really need to access one of them? I had to face this prospect with When going to the website, i get: As far as my system is concerned, simply does not exist (there’s even an RFC about NXDOMAIN meaning that). What we really need is a way to run a browser with a non-restricted dns resolver. [Read More]

Clean test AAA principle

The basic structure of a AAA (arrange-act-assert) test is: prepare the system-under-test for the test (the arrange step) exercise the system-under-test, which causes side-effects that are observable (the act step) verify that the side-effects match our expectations (the assert step) Clean code principles dictate that methods be kept short. So how long is the perfect test if we apply clean code principles to testing? 3 lines long, or not much longer than that. [Read More]